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6 May 2024

Thanks Nor! Most sharing sites offer up to 10GB free storage... that might work?
29 December 2023

Thank u Nor for clarification. U may post it anywhere u want and we will try to get whenever.
And s18 stopped posting so i assumed its over
28 December 2023 - Ukraine

Just as an FYI for those wondering, she does not model anymore in any way. She is living a life and has a unrelated career.
27 December 2023

I have all of the S18 sets, not just released but all that will be until 2030. It is ~325 zips. Some seem to be set broken into multiple releases. It totals about 9gb. If someone has a place I can upload, I'm happy to.
26 December 2023

Manjunath |
I refuse to kiss anybody's ass.
You wanna be mad over some petty shit..
Stay mad, because
10 December 2023

What’s her Insta?
11 August 2023 - Germany

Hello Alex. Do you happen to know if Alina is doing any modeling on other sites. Like webcam and/or others? (Sorry if double posted, connection is horrible)
20 July 2023 - Ukraine

The wet set from stunning is amazing :
12 July 2023

Anyone able to gather the new pictures in HR and adding them to the gallery? Including the banana video. - It would be a shame to not have the full content :D
4 March 2023

What is her real name and does she has Insta?
8 August 2022

Webmaster comments   Her real name is Aleena. Yes, She have insta.

Do you think the images can be added to the page? - Would really appreciate it :D Super excited
1 July 2022

R |
Been following this guestbook since 2010. That's crazy :D

Looking forward to the S18 pictures in a good resolution. I cannot find them online.
4 May 2022

Funny, but people still visit this website! If you ever find the time to upload the S18 pictures, ha, all the better!
13 April 2022

Carlo |
I hope Alina and her family are doing well and please take care that nothing happens to her. All the best to her and everyone in Ukraine, you are very brave.
22 March 2022 - Espania

Alex |
Friends. Alina is now in Kyiv with her husband. Let's pray for her! Hope she doesn't get hurt and stays alive!
4 March 2022

Alex |
Yes. Site is still alive. I have all of stinning18 pictures too. I hope, I will find soon time to upload all of them to my site. But I am not sure.
4 March 2022

It would be great to get all the stunning18 picture sets up here. - they are a happy ending to the story
28 February 2022

P |
I've got all of her photosets from Stunning18 downloaded. Is this site still active?
14 February 2022 - US

21 September 2021 - france

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